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Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing and Bulk email delivery PC Avenues can manage your email marketing campaigns. Our email marketing includes all aspects of the campaign process including the design as well as list management and antispam compliance.

Our process is designed to ensure maximum return for your marketing or campaign investment. Leverage our experience of email technology, isp practices, and anti-spam practices to get your message noticed. Just provide us with a list and a message, and we take care of the rest.

Project Objective:

Develop a foundation for email newsletter distribution and organizational communication that is inexpensive, interactive, intuitive, and efficient.

Project Details:

  • Each email message will provide the recipient with a link to “unsubscribe” from email newsletter as legally required by the Can-Spam Act. All “unsubscribes” will be managed by PC Avenues as part of the list maintenance feature of our service.
  • Your distribution list begins with your current mailing list. We do not accept “purchased” lists of email addresses due to “Can-Spam” adherence.
  • Your email will be designed and tested for compatibility in major webmail providers as well as email client softwares such as MS Outlook. The general layout and design requires approval before your 1st emailing is performed.
  • Each edition of your email newsletter will require content updates to be approved before distribution is performed. One round of minor edits/changes are included in quoted price. Additional edits/changes will result in an additional editing fee based on the complexity of the changes requested.
  • After each edition is approved, we will request that you specify a sending day and time. If a time is not specified, the broadcast of the newsletter will occur immediately.
  • As part of our list management – any bounces that occur as a result of a “spam block”, “no mailbox exists for user”, or “unsubscribe ” request, will result in recipient removal from database prior to distribution of the next newsletter edition.

Solution Advantages compared to PDF format:

  • Faster email loading due to smaller file size.
  • Faster browser loading.
  • Increased interaction and quick navigation provided by use of hyperlinks.
  • No additional software required, just use standard internet browser.

Additional Advantages:

  • Ability to have visitors subscribe to newsletter from website.
  • Ability to provide automated membership “renewal” and online payments (additional fee required)
  • Ability to automate surveys, polls, and other useful information via web forms, etc. (additional fee required)
  • Inexpensive distribution.


Setup Fee – A one-time setup fee is required to establish a template. This fee based on design, layout, and formatting complexity of the email message.

Broadcast Fee– Each time a newsletter is broadcast to the recipient list, the broadcast fee is determined as follows:

  • 0-500 Recipients - $39.00
  • 501-1000 Recipients - $49.00
  • 1001-5000 Recipients - $69.00
  • 5000 + Recipients - $69.00 + $13.99 (for each additional 1000 Recipients)

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