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Computer Services, Tech Support, and Business IT Management

We are PC Avenues, but our clients simply call us "The IT Guys". We are a technology management company providing IT services such as computer and server installs, system repairs, computer networking, security, website design, database management, and disaster recovery planning. We're working tirelessly to provide our clients with 99.9% systems reliability, a competitive technological edge, and the business intelligence required for growth. And we're doing so with an undetered focus on affordability and scalability just as we have since our company's inception in 2005.

We are currently providing onsite technical support to existing clients in Jasper, Canton, Acworth, Marietta, Holly Springs, and Roswell Georgia. Whether you need IT assistance 2 days a week or 2 days per month, we'd love an opportunity to explain the positive impact we can have on your bottom line as well as your computer systems overall.

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When trusting your computer and server systems management duties to an outside firm, we believe that the standard operating procedures as a business partner must be exceeded in FOUR key areas. It's crucial to your orginazation that your IT firm must have the critical EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE to guide your orginization's IT decisions, the ATTENTION TO DETAIL to execute your plan in a timely and precise manner, the ABILITY to inform and educate your decision makers and team members, and the established TRUST you require from an IT services company.

As you may learn, the experience our team provides is unequaled by many other IT organizations. With 20+ years of experience, our team is well equipped to assist your company in achieving your business technology objectives. We can perform simple tasks such as creation of a centralized, multi user Quickbooks system or more intracate services such as network design and systems security overhauls. Need a custom ecommerce solution to start selling your products online? We do that too! This wide ranging experience helps us provide rock solid solutions while minimizing your reliance upon multiple third party vendors.

In the computer world, attention to detail is also extremely important. A single keystroke can make or break an IT solution or possibly even create a security vulnerability. Whether it's a typo in an email address or website or a miskey in a custom web application, detail is critically important to your operations. Our solutions are tested, retested, and then tested again before the final product or solution is delivered to you.

Our responsibility to our clients doesn't end once the project is complete. We take every opportunity available to educate and inform our customers along the way. This approach to IT not only provides our customers with the information necessary to make solid business technology decisions, but also informs and directs your personnel towards more efficient processes. Our belief is that time is money and we are constantly observing and informing our clients of potential process improvements and business intelligence methods that will improve your team's efficiency in all computing tasks such as website editing, managing email communications, or batch processing workflows.

We feel that the most critical aspect of any business relationship is Trust. As IT consultants, we are entrusted by our clients, on a daily basis with sensitive information and we take every additional measure necessary to protect that information, your data, and your trust. We want you to know that your business is important to us. That's why our onsite service schedules are strictly adhered to and our technicians and consultants show up on time... every time. In addition, when onsite, we interface with each member of your team to ensure that everything is running smoothly. As our relationship and your technology assets grow, we document EVERY detail of your systems and configurations so that your management team is always in the loop.

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