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Website Design, Hosting, and Application Development

Website Design and DevelopmentPC Avenues assembles all-inclusive websites tailored to your specific requests, goals, and budget. Using technologies such as HTML (hypertext markup language), ASP (active server pages), CSS (cascading style sheets), Javascript, Flash, and SQL (structured query language), we sculpt your ideas digitally into a web presentation tailored for your audience.

We produce feature rich websites to promote your products or services, but we also build online application modules such as quoting systems, inventory management, and other tools to help your organization. Our ability to "hand hold" and assist our customers navigating an unfamiliar landscape, in respect to technology and web building, is truly what sets us apart from the competition.

Because you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression! Your website is viewed as a direct reflection of your business to potential customers. It communicates the following to your potential customers...


  • How organized you are
  • How dedicated to service you are
  • How well you communicate
  • How much you enjoy your work
  • How responsible you are

Website Design and Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services Our website design and maintenance services are intended to assist clients with website creation, updates, repairs, and additions for their sites.

PC Avenues also provides support and maintenance for many organizations that are no longer in touch with the original creator of their website. We offer fast service, dependable results, and advice you can trust. And we also provide you with complete documentation of your website setup, credentials, and job notes. The documentation portion of the project is often overlooked by other consultants, but we place a strong emphasis on this part of the process.

All new websites and maintenance customers receive a complimentary analysis that focuses on search engine ranking, browser compatibility, and visitor experience. As part of this complimentary analysis, the following services are performed:

  • A thorough check of link integrity throughout your existing website to ensure all of your pages link properly.
  • A basic keyword analysis to ensure that the standard seo optimizations are in place.
  • A page Load analysis that ensures your pages are loading as quickly as possible.
  • A content analysis to ensure the text schema is adhered to in a uniform manner.
  • Advice on changes that would improve the overall experience for future visitors.

Contact us to learn more about our website design and application development services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)ServiceHaving a beautiful and feature rich website is a must in today's business world, but just having a terrific website is pointless if your audience cannot find it. That's why it's so important to establish and execute a great Search Engine Optiomization plan. If it helps your organization lower the cost of new client acquisition, then it should not only be incorporporated into your website planning, but your growth strategy as well.

The Organic Search Engine services from PC Avenues will help you eliminate the "what if".  We have proven solutions that get your site noticed, and best of all, each plan is custom designed to suit the unique nature of your products or services. Our custom plans ensure that you operate within a predetermined budget while maximizing the return on your investment.

We like to inform our clients to be wary of any search engine placement specialists promising a #1 spot on Google. In fact, Google warns against these advertisements as well. While our company definitely shoots for #1, we prefer to inform our clients on the methods used by the search engines to rank sites and help them understand more about methodoligies which will improve your search engine presence.

Contact us today to learn how our search engine optimization campaigns can improve your bottom line.

Our Website Portfolio

What's better than telling you about our work than showing you? Below are several examples of our design projects. The sites below are projects that were completed for clients with budgets as little at $500.00 and as large as $15,000.00.

Sutallee Baptist Church

Sutallee Baptist Church in Canton, GA
  • Website Link: Sutallee Baptist Church
  • Customer Since: 2022
  • Web Design: Custom
  • Technologies: HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS
  • Business Summary: Baptist Church located in Canton, GA.

Fruits & Associates

Website Design for Environmental Engineering Company in Acworth, GA
  • Website Link: Fruits And Associates Environmental Remediation
  • Customer Since: 2009
  • Web Design: Custom
  • Technologies: HTML, ASP, Javascript, CSS, Jquery library
  • Business Summary: Fruits & Associates is a subsurface remediation company providing cost effective solutions to soil and groundwater contamination

The Hair Loft

Web design for Hair Salon in Jasper, GA
  • Website Link: The Hair Loft of Jasper, GA
  • Customer Since: 2010
  • Web Design: Custom
  • Technologies: HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Business Summary: The Hair Loft, A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, provides complete salon services and treatments.

Home Turf Sportscards

Ecommerce Website for Collectibles Dealer in Jasper, GA
  • Website Link: Home Turf Sportscards
  • Customer Since: 2015
  • Web Design: Custom
  • Technologies: HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Business Summary: Home Turf Sportscards, in an online store selling baseball, basketball, and football cards at discount prices.

KLF Enterprises

Commercial Lending Compnay of Savannah, GA
  • Website Link: Savannah Commercial Lending - KLF Enterprises
  • Customer Since: 2013
  • Web Design: Custom
  • Technologies: PHP, Javascript, CSS, Jquery, HTML
  • Business Summary: KLF is a full service commercial lending company providing services in Savannah and other surrounding areas of the state of Georgia.

Overdrive Concrete Services

Website for Building Contractor in Jasper, GA
  • Website Link: Overdrive Concrete Services of North GA
  • Customer Since: 2010
  • Web Design: Custom
  • Technologies: SHTML, ASP, Javascript, CSS, Jquery library
  • Business Summary: Overdrive is a full service concrete contracting company specializing in foundations, structural walls, and decorative concrete solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Seakrist Communications

Website Design for Telecommunications Company in Lawrenceville, GA
  • Website Link: Seakrist Communications
  • Customer Since: 2008
  • Web Design: Custom Designed Template
  • Technologies: HTML, PHP, CSS
  • Business Summary: Seakrist Communications provides quality phone systems, voice & data cabling, phone system installations, and system upgrades to businesses across Georgia and Metro Atlanta.
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